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We Are The Champions

I Know The Importance Of A TribeWe Are The Champions - Queen"You can do it!" some one shouts from the curb down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.It's early two thousand and something and I'm running

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All Those Years Ago

“I Adhere to My Own Set of Rules"All Those Years Ago - George Harrison"Because I say so!" yells my Mom.It's nineteen sixty something, although it could be anytime between sixty five to eighty

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Do You Believe In Magic

It's nineteen sixty-something and the kids in our neighborhood are having a deep philosophical debate."He does too!" "He does not!" "You're a dummy head!" " See if Santa brings you anything this!

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I Bet On Talent

People - Babs StreisandRecently one of our agents come into my office. He was getting his first listing.Listings are more difficult for a new agent to get than buyers. Buyers simply want you to open

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